Thursday, 4 February 2016

New Kitchen - Day 163

Today the shower room was finished.

New shower installed,


New sink with towel and loo-roll holders, old loo, and old radiator installed,

tiling and drains finished.

It's so nice to have a working shower-room again.

Thought for the Day

From The Manchester Book of Days.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

New Kitchen - Day 161

Today the flooring was laid in the



Utility Room

From utility into larder

and Larder

Sis-in-Law says she cannot see the joins in the vinyl between the utility and larder, but that's because there aren't any.

From kitchen to utility

There are, however, joins between the kitchen and utility, which MWNN and I can see because of the slight difference in  colour. The kitchen vinyl has been down for five months and is in need of a good clean, thanks to all the workmen (and mucky dog-paws) trampling over it,

From utility to study

There is a further join, at the study end of the Utility Room, which is extremely difficult to find.

I'm very pleased with the work, which was carried out to Wymondley Flooring's usual excellent standards.

Monday, 1 February 2016

New Kitchen - Day 160

At last, the repairs and renovations are nearing completion/

Today, Charlie from Wymondley Flooring came to level the study, utility, and larder floors, and lay a  silicone screed.

We moved everything from the study, except the desk. which wouldn't fit through the door or utility room.

Earlier last week, our builders made good inroads into the painting and tiling of all rooms.

Wall colour = primrose white

The study walls were repainted, the radiator re-hung,  and the entrance and door painted in colours that match those used in the kitchen and utility,

Wall colour = primrose white

The re-plastered larder wall was painted, as were the door and surrounds (Lamproom Grey).

Wall colour = primrose white

The utility walls that were damaged, were also re-painting. Skirting boards and door surrounds are in the lovely Lamp Room grey, from Farrow and Ball.

The shower room tiles were finished on Sunday evening.

The floor tiles look wonderful, especially the 'coriander' border around the shower tray

and at the bottom of the walls.

Charlie (Wymondley Flooring) returns tomorrow to lay the vinyl in the study, utility, and larder. Fingers crossed he can match up the kitchen and utility without the need for a joining bar.

Out builder then re-appears on Wednesday to finish the tile grouting, re-install the sanitary ware, and plumb in the new power shower.

Then there will be a lull in the proceedings while MWNN and I recover. The opportunity to sort the study is too great to miss, before we embark on the next big house project - replacing the flooring in the sitting room/dining room/hall/stairs/landing.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

New Kitchen - Day 152

The water damage was discovered when the lino was laid in the utility room. Although the kitchen was finished on 22nd October, related works (drying of four rooms, re-plastering etc) has dragged on - and on and ......

Day 152 and the work began on restoring the rooms that have been dried and re-plastered (very competently and cleanly, by alfaplasterers ) First, the door to the study was replaced.

Hopefully, the utility area will be warmer, now that there is no longer an icy blast emanating from an unheated, north-facing room).

The study and shower rooms are still without radiators, which can't be re-instated until the walls are decorated (next weekend.)

The decoration of the shower room has begun. Some wall tiles went up today, after the study doorway was finished.

The end is in sight - almost. Next week the remaining work will be done by our builder, but it will be February before the flooring company replaces the vinyl in the study, utility, and larder.

We are so far behind with our planned work schedule. I had hoped to replace the flooring in the dining/sitting room, hall. stairs, and landing by the end of February. We are both fatigued from all the upheaval and shifting of furniture and stuff. I'm hoping to get the work done during our holiday in Southwold in mid March,

In the meantime, I'm spending some of the voucher money MWNN gave me for Christmas, on a massage next week.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Coffee Morning

with Secret Santa :@HitchinStitchin',

was a quiet, but special affair.

We welcomed Alicia back after a long absence, and Angela was up and, though not yet dancing, was steady on her new hip.

Seasonal nibbles and drinks were plentiful,

and everyone was pleased with Santa's gift - especially Andy,

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


for the plasterers, who should have done their stuff on Sunday.

In the meantime, the contents of these four rooms are spread around the house.

Shower room

no lavatory,

 no shower,

No sink,

.no radiator.


No fridge, no foodstuff. no drinks.

No desk, no PC

no radiator
no door


No storage racks

no cleaning equipment or supplies

On the bright side, there is a sink and a working washing machine

Christmas preparations are still on hold. I'm trying to feel sympathy for those who have no homes this Christmas for one reason or another, but am growing weary, The kitchen project began in September. Now, four months later, we have a wonderful working kitchen but are still living in a building site.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Last day

beside the seaside.

It rained continuously, so we donned wet-weather gear and split forces.

MWNN took Ron for a walk to Gun Hill, while I did some shopping and posted my first Christmas card to Germany,

I took the fastest route to the Post Office, via Smugglers' Cottage on Church Street.

On Saturday, we tried to persuade one of these chaps to donate a hide for TheD for Christmas, but they weren't having any of that.

So, from the Post Office, I went to Adnams' Cellar and Kitchen Store for a spot of  Christmas shopping.

Then it was back down the High Street, to Tesco, for milk and veg, and the greengrocer next door for tomatoes and plums.

The RNLI now has a permanent presence opposite Coasters.

It started drizzling on the way Lighthouse View (the white building at the right-hand side is the shed in the cottage's back yard)

As I walked past Adnams' Brewery, the sweet smell of hops warmed the air.We can still smell it now, despite the incessant rain.

We say goodbye to Southwold tomorrow and head back to a house in need of much sorting and TLC.  We shall return in the Spring (to Blackshore) and early autumn (to Lighthouse View).

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Waiting for Clint

It's pouring with rain and blowing a hooley. What better place to be than in a hot bath in the master bedroom.

Just waiting for Clint to arrive,

Storm Clodagh

heading our way.

But before the gales arrived, we walked for two hours along the promenade.

There were lots of people, with their offsrping and dogs. talking a Sunday morning stroll. The sea was stormy, with high waves crashing over the top of the groin markers.

Ron met a sweet little Jack Russel X called Izzy. She was very timid but took to Ron straight away. They trotted along the Prom, shoulder to shoulder, studiously ignoring one another, but obviously comfortable with the close proximity,

Suzie's Beach Cafe was doing a roaring trade in bacon  and sausage butties and hot beverages.

The smell of grilled bacon was  blown down the promenade, almost as far as the Pier.

There was a rain canopy over the seating area (seats come with lap blankets) and fairy lights and bunting to brighten the day.

We'd already decided not to eat out today, so we passed by, walking towards Gun Hill.

We could have walked further, but the winds began to strengthen. Warning gusts blew sand into our faces, so we turned around and headed bask the Lighthouse View.

We've settled down for a post-lunch rest (nap in MWNN's and Ron's case) The wind is up to 32 mph and the lights are beginning to flicker. Overhead power cables are at the mercy of the wind. We have the advantage of a gas fire and a gas hob, should there be a power cut.

Dinner tonight will be Suffolk lamb Barnsley chops, with new potatoes and greens, all of which can be cooked on the hob.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Charity market

So we had lunch at Coasters. I was glad I'd booked a table because the place was full when we arrived at 1.30.

The food was good and the waitress attentive.

We left at about 2.40, just as the pre-lights-switch-on festivities were beginning.

The first part of the entertainment was Southwold and Reydon Corps of Drums.

The young musicians didn't look very happy. Perhaps they were cold.

The street was barricaded at both ends, so strolling through the charity stalls was very safe.

The theme was Disney films.

Tigger and Eeyore manned the stall outside the dress shop.

The Mad Hatter was preparing hot food, aided by the Red Queen.

The White Rabbit was having a bit of a rest.

The stall selling candy floss and popcorn kept the littlies entertained with a machine that spewed bubbles

in through the door of the butchers, where I was buying provisions.

MWNN said Ron behaved impeccably, despite the squealing small people, so he was given a free bag of (uncooked) marrow bones by the butcher's 'Boy  Raymond.'

After we'd visited the reindeer, outside the United Reform Church, MWNN took Ron home.

It was getting cold and beginning to sleet, so we didn't hang around for the official lights ceremony.

© Copyright John Winfield 

I picked up some things from Tesco and headed back via Nutters' Cheese Shop. There was a notice 'back at 3.30'. I spoke to a couple of other would-be customers and told them that the owners were probably manning a stall. Iwas half-right. They appeared two minutes after we did, explaining they'd been singing with the choir.

By the time I rounded the corner on the way back to St James' Green, the Adnams' brewery tree was lit and looking very festive.

Southwold feels very like Hitchin when the community comes together for this type of event. I'm quite keen to go to St Edmund's tomorrow, as it is the first Sunday in Advent, but we have nowhere to leave Ron, other than in the  car. If today is anything to go by, it will be too cold, even with his gentleman's jacket and fleece bed.