Thursday, 1 October 2015

New Kitchen - Day 30

We now have a working sink

and gas hob

The man from Electrolux service came and replaced the broken part in the dishwasher, and I now have a fully working kitchen.

I spent most of the day re-integrating things into the cupboards, while waiting for the fitter to come and do the finishing.

He didn't turn up, so I put my own finishing touch by cutting some Red Hat Lady Roses and lavender stems from the garden.

It will be another week or two before the glass splash-back is installed underneath the wall units.

Earlier today, I received flowers through the post. There was no card.I don't know who sent me an early birthday bouquet.

Thank you anonymous Flower Fairy.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

New Kitchen - Day 28

Today, the Corian fitters arrrived.

Protective paper on panels with arrows.

It's stunning

has an upstand that covers the window-ledge,

and complements the units perfectly (it's aqua, as are the units)

It's on top of the oven housing.

Not a seam in sight,

with a  moulded drainer and white sink (tap to be fitted and sink outlet to be hooked up tomorrow).

Corner cupboard beneath the hob (gas to be hooked up tomorrow)

Pull-out drawer unit.

Pull-out corner storage.

MWNN's phone charging on the new corian worktop.

There are a few outstanding jobs to be done by the fitters

  • The dishwasher started leaking on day 2 and needs a replacement part fitting (Thursday)
  • Ceiling lights need reseating. (Thursday
  • Downlights need connecting. (Thursday)
  • Skirting boards.
  • Gas hob connecting (Wednesday)
  • Sink and tap connecting (Wednesday)
  • New kitchen/dining room door (Thursday)
  • Splashback glass template (?)
  • Splashback glass  fitting (?)

I'm looking forward to using the appliances again, A month of take-aways, eating out, and cobbled together meals is no fun.

Monday, 21 September 2015

What I did at WriterConUK

Click through images for larger versions.

I set off for The Event with a mild sore throat that had been brewing for a couple of days. I hoped it was just a reaction to all the dust and chemicals I've been breathing in for the past 4 weeks.

It was just as well that the one presentation I really didn't want to miss 'Show don't tell' by Ningloreth,
was the first item on the program on Saturday morning.

Despite the sore throat and feeling knackered, I updated the Garmin maps on Thursday, and was hopeful that they would be accurate enough to navigate the mess that is the Ring Road through Coventry. The maps were ok but the navigator (AKA the Bint) was not.

So, I got lost (again) about 3.5 miles from the hotel. Having successfully negotiated Tollbar End, where the A45 becomes the London Road, the Garmin Bint confused me by telling me 'keep right' or 'turn left', much too soon, as well as getting the number of exits wrong at too many roundabouts.

I arrived at the hotel tired and frazzled (12 miles of traffic cones on the M1 north of Northampton, with nary a sign of a workman). There was a very warm welcome from early-bird Con. members, who were having lunch in the bar. I opted for a steak frites while waiting for our rooms.

I'd booked a suite for the second year running,and picked up supplies from Sainsbury's before setting off.

Each suite comes with its own kitchenette, providing a kettle, microwave, fridge, and toaster as well as crockery and utensils.

I don't enjoy over-priced hotel breakfasts.

Having stashed the milk, fruit, and makings of lunch and dinner in the fridge, I settled down with a pot of tea, for a rest.

Bedroom window
Sitting/kitchen window

The view from the suite

My suite was on the 9th floor (room 909 was easy to remember (The Beatles One after 909 was an earworm all weekend.) In past years (this is our 6th visit), I've taken the stairs to and from the meeting room on the 1st floor. Not this year.

The convention proper kicked off at 6.30 pm, with a welcome from the Chair, Hils, and distribution of personalised goody bags.

My coaster picture is of the three witches from Discworld; Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, and Magrat Garlic. Co-incidentally, I'd donated a mug with the same picture to the raffle prizes,

After the excitement over the content of the goody bags, we were divided into three teams. Each team contained members who had listed different fandoms on their registration forms, so that every team had a fair chance of answering the wide-ranging questions.

who did this grow up to be?

As usual, the quiz was a good balance of picture and music questions, ranging from 'what's this show'  through 'who did this grow up to be', to 'what;s the connection between these?'.

There were general knowledge questions, too, most with a literary theme.

My team came second with 76/85 marks, just 2 marks beg=hind the winners,, but it didn't matter as each team won a bottle of bubbly.

I'd eaten a cooked lunch so did not join the others in the restaurant for the evening meal. I was already beginning to feel 'fluey', and opted for an early night with decaf tea and paracetamol.

The following morning, I still felt unwell, but joined the group after breakfast, for the 'Show not tell' session at 10am .

More of that tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

New kitchen - Day 16

Starting to re-use the kitchen and utility room.

First, clean the floor and remove the protective covering.

Prime the dishwasher and run a pre-wash. There's a nifty device that projects how much time is left on a program, on the floor.

The utility has a new work-surface that takes up far less room than the selection of trolleys that used to support the microwave, bread maker, and slow cooker. There is enough room for the repairs necessary to make good the damage done by the leak in the shower room wall.

The drinks' chiller fridge is now housed in the larder.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

New Kitchen - Day 15

Almost there -

We have a partially working kitchen.

All the units are fitted and awaiting the Corian work-surface.

I have a working AEG dishwasher (beneath the window, left-hand-side),

a working AEG extractor fan,

a working AEG oven and warming drawer (with space for trays beneath the oven),

We've ordered this Hotpoint fridge/freezer to replace our extra-large Samsung which doesn't fit beside the oven housing.

The hotpoint is the same depth as the oven and slightly taller. It will fit beside the oven,

and working ceiling lights.

The gas hob and sink have to wait for the Corian to be fitted (in about a week's time), followed by a further wait for the glass splash-back.

The kitchen is much brighter, and we seem to have more space as the new units are fitted flush to the walls, whereas the old ones were forward of pipework,

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New kitchen - Days 12 - 14

Early on Monday morning (07.30) the fitters arived to start the fit-out. Every unit had already been built, apart from one corner unit that was too bulky to fit through the conservatory door.

By the end of the day, further units had been added, along with down-lighters underneath the wall units.

Today, all the units, and most doors and drawers,  were installed,

as were the electric oven, warming drawer

and dishwasher,

End panels were added, and top and bottom plinths.

Tomorrow, the electricians return. We should have a working dishwasher, oven, warming drawer, power sockets and lights by the end of the day. The gas hob will not be fitted until the corian work surface is installed, sometime next week. We then have a further wait for the glass splash-backs to be made and fitted.

We also need to re-think our fridge/freezer, which is much wider and deeper than the space available beside the oven housing.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

New kitchen - Days 5 - 11

In readiness for the kitchen units being delivered today, I cleared a large space in the conservatory.

Temp kitchen, fridge, microwave, kettle, dishes and tea/coffee

We'd converted the dining room into a temporary kitchen for the duration of the work and MWNN was worried that we would lose space to storing some of the boxes. However, all the main boxes are in the conservatory.

The only impact on the temporary kitchen is that we have lost a lot of light due to the stack outside the dining room window in the conservatory.

After the new floor was laid, MWNN called a plumber to check the shower for leaks. He confirmed that the leak was in the wall behind the shower head . He advised us to take pictures for our insurance company.

The plumber suspects there has been damage in the utility room for a long time. It became visible when we emptied the room for the laying of the new floor. ,

The floor adjoining the shower room was wet and the utility room walls have plaster damage.

There is also damp underneath MWNN's desk in his study.

The remedial work won't be carried out while the kitchen is being fitted, so we pressed ahead with sealing the plasterwork (Friday) and began painting the top coat today.

Tomorrow (Sunday). we will add a second coat (diamond matt, primrose white) in those areas not covered by units.

The fitting begins on Monday morning, the beginning of week 3 without a working kitchen.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

New Kitchen Days 3 and 4

After the mess left by the plasterers, it was with pleasure that we had the fitters from Wymondley Flooring in to prepare and lay the vinyl flooring in the kitchen/utility.

We went from this

via levelling and beautiful boarding,

to this,

with no mess, or fuss.

Kitchen looking into utility .

The floor is level, straight, and without a join in the doorway into the utility room.

We've used Wymondley Flooring before and always had excellent service and workmanship from them.

The only downside of their work was that they discovered a considerable amount of damp when they removed the lino from the utility room. It's probably the result of a leaky shower, so, yesterday afternoon, we called out the emergency plumber to confirm this.

I'm hoping that repairs can be done to the shower and utility room walls, without compromising the new floor.

While we wait for a plumber to fix the leak and assess the damage, we're leaving a de-humidifier plugged in to aid drying.

We now wait for the delivery of the new kitchen units on Saturday, trying to work out where to create space for the boxes to be stored. The fitters are due next Monday to start the fit-out. When the units are in place, the Corian people will come and make a template for the worksurfaces. These should be ftted a week later. After that the template for the glass splashback will be made.

We hope that the whole project will be finished by the end of the month. Then we prepare to have the sitting and dining rooms re-floored (parquet), along with the hall, stairs, and landing (carpet).